Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper Mario: Sticker Star -- 3-4 Strike Lake

We see a segment of Wiggler run off. The trees ahead are rustling. Hit them with your hammer to knock down the fruit for coins and stickers. The segment of Wiggler's body is hiding in a tree. It'll run off. You can't pick it up by paperizing. In the next area, it's behind a fence and will run over a pool of poison, then hide in a tree. It will then run to the area to the right. It'll be hiding flipped around so it's almost invisible. Once you find it, it will run to the previous area. The comet piece is here, but we'll keep following it. There's a door drawn here. The Secret Door will lead to the Drum. The other area to the back looks like bowling alley. There's a comet piece behind the pins. We don't have anything to knock the pins over yet. We go back to the previous area and hit the tree to the right. A yellow Billiard Ball falls out. In the area with the comet piece we can reach, there's a door drawn on the side of the wall near the Fire Flower. Go back to the first area and you'll notice a shrub moving. Hit the shrub and the segment will appear and pose with Mario. Now that it has joined us, we lead it to the comet piece.

This opens the path to 3-5. The Wiggler piece will run off there without us. Hopefully it knows where another segment is.

We make the Bowling Ball into a sticker and return here. Go to the bowling alley and stick the Bowling Ball over the stump on the right. The alley lights up and Mario gets a perfect strike, complete with cheers and instant replay. Conveniently, another 3D Bowling Ball appears out of the tree to the left. The comet piece opens the path to 3-11.

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